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adc provides functions to calculate discharge-based metrics that are useful in water quality concentration and flux regression equations.


Install adc from CRAN:


The development version is available on and can be installed with:

install.packages('adc', repos = c(txwri = ''))


Flow anomalies represent how different the current discharge period is (current day, current week, current month, etc.) from previous periods (previous week, previous month, period of record, etc.).

## example code is lavaca and includes dates and mean daily flow


x <- fa(lavaca$Flow,
        dates = lavaca$Date,
        T_1 = "1 month",
        T_2 = "1 year",
        clean_up = TRUE,
        transform = "log10")

plot(lavaca$Date, x, type = "l", xlab = "Date", ylab = "Anomaly [unitless]")

The packages also includes functions to calculate an exponentially weighted discounted flow, base-flow, and rate of change for mean daily streamflow. Functions generally work well using the dplyr::mutate() function to facilitate tidy workflows.