lavaan: Latent Variable Analysis

Fit a variety of latent variable models, including confirmatory factor analysis, structural equation modeling and latent growth curve models.

Version: 0.5-23.1097
Depends: R (≥ 3.1.0)
Imports: methods, stats4, stats, utils, graphics, MASS, mnormt, pbivnorm, quadprog, numDeriv
Suggests: testthat
Published: 2017-02-24
Author: Yves Rosseel [aut, cre], Daniel Oberski [ctb], Jarrett Byrnes [ctb], Leonard Vanbrabant [ctb], Victoria Savalei [ctb], Ed Merkle [ctb], Michael Hallquist [ctb], Mijke Rhemtulla [ctb], Myrsini Katsikatsou [ctb], Mariska Barendse [ctb], Michael Chow [ctb], Terrence Jorgensen [ctb]
Maintainer: Yves Rosseel <Yves.Rosseel at>
License: GPL-2 | GPL-3 [expanded from: GPL (≥ 2)]
NeedsCompilation: no
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Materials: README
In views: Econometrics, OfficialStatistics, Psychometrics
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Reverse dependencies:

Reverse depends: autoSEM, blavaan, bmem, coefficientalpha, EffectLiteR, eqs2lavaan, fSRM, influence.SEM, lavaan.survey, MIIVsem, profileR, RAMpath, regsem, RMediation, RSA, rsem, semTools, simsem
Reverse imports: faoutlier, gimme, JWileymisc, kutils, lavaan.shiny, lsl, lvnet, matrixpls, MBESS, nlsem, NlsyLinks, nonnest2, piecewiseSEM, pscore, psytabs, qgraph, restriktor, semPlot, sesem, sirt, TAM, userfriendlyscience
Reverse suggests: AICcmodavg, dagitty, ionr, LSAmitR, metaSEM, OLScurve, psych, semtree


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