norgeo 2.3.1 (dev)

norgeo 2.1.6

norgeo 2.1.5

norgeo 2.1.4

norgeo 2.1.3

norgeo 2.1.2

norgeo 2.1.1

norgeo 2.1.0

norgeo 2.0.0

norgeo 1.0.0

norgeo 0.9.2

All API functions now use arguments from and to instead of year as in geo_ functions. This is matching the specification from SSB API Klass.

New features are introduced to help working with the downloaded data from API. Now you can use:

norgeo 0.9.1

Introduce functions to download data via API with get_ prefix:

norgeo 0.9.0

norgeo 1.3.3

Despite it was version 1.3.3 til then, unfortunately norgeo was actually premature since it hasn’t been tested properly, but was released due to the need to use the function. So that was much too early and I have to pull it back and make rebirth of norgeo 0.9 with a bit properly thought function names and structure. But of course there are always errors and things that can be better… Anyway, norgeo 1.3.3 before norgeo 0.9.0 works but too ambitious to call it 1.3.3, but hopefully the second future version of norgeo 1.3.3 will be much better :-)

dev branch

All ongoing new ideas will be implemented here. So contributions and bugs reports are very much welcome.

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Hopefully a better alternative to solve this challenge when SSB doesn’t provide codes that have changed. May be SSB sees the problem and will fix it to help external users.