License: GPL v3

BASS is an R package for fitting Bayesian Adaptive Spline Surface models available on CRAN with a development version available on GitHub. BASS models most closely resemble Bayesian multivariate adaptive regression splines (Bayesian MARS).

To install the development version, use

# install.packages("devtools")

Examples of uses are in Francom et al. (2018) and Francom et al. (2019) and explicit code examples are given in the R package vignette.


Francom, Devin, Bruno Sansó, Vera Bulaevskaya, Donald Lucas, and Matthew Simpson. 2019. “Inferring Atmospheric Release Characteristics in a Large Computer Experiment Using Bayesian Adaptive Splines.” Journal of the American Statistical Association.
Francom, Devin, Bruno Sansó, Ana Kupresanin, and Gardar Johannesson. 2018. “Sensitivity analysis and emulation for functional data using Bayesian adaptive splines.” Statistica Sinica.