EvidenceSynthesis 0.2.3


  1. Higher tolerance on skew-normal unit tests to prevent them from failing.

  2. Detecting and removing grid approximations with illegal values before computing meta-analysis.

EvidenceSynthesis 0.2.2


  1. Documenting dependency on Java in the SystemRequirements field of the package DESCRIPTION.

  2. Adding seed argument to computeBayesianMetaAnalysis(). Defaults to a constant value for reproducability.


  1. Fixed plotMetaAnalysisForest() when using grid approximations, including when providing approximations as tibble.

EvidenceSynthesis 0.2.1


  1. computeBayesianMetaAnalysis() now outputs ESS.

  2. Checking whether required Java version (8 or newer) is installed.

EvidenceSynthesis 0.2.0


  1. Preparing for CRAN release: Adding missing rmarkdown dependency to Suggests.

  2. Added computeConfidenceInterval() function.

  3. plotMetaAnalysisForest() function now works with normal and non-normal approximations.

  4. Grid points now evenly spaced on log scale, not HR scale.

EvidenceSynthesis 0.1.0


  1. Adding meta-analysis using local non-normal Cox likelihood approximations to avoid bias when sample size is small.

EvidenceSynthesis 0.0.5

Bug fixes

  1. Fixing build error in R 4.0.0.