Version 1.0.2

Alan T. Arnholt

PASWR2: Functions and data sets for the text Probability and Statistics with R, Second Edition

Please report any bugs or suggestions at:


The package is available for download from CRAN.

You may download the most recent version using the devtools function install_github() to install PASWR2 in R.

However, you need to make sure you're set up to develop packages. This is platform specific:

You can check everything is installed correctly with the has_devel() function from the devtools package. Type the following at the R prompt:

install.packages("devtools", dependencies = TRUE)    

If everything is installed correctly, the function will print some output and then return TRUE.

To install the PASWR2 package, type the following at the R prompt:


It is possible to install PASWR2 with GIT and the R CMD build assuming you have GIT installed and the appropriate tools to build R from source.

git clone
R CMD build PASWR2