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collector is an R package for conducting interviews with subject matter experts (SMEs) on the risk scenarios facing an organization. It offers functions for the following stages of input collection:


Collector is now available on CRAN.


If you wish to run the development (and potentially bleeding edge) version, you can install directly from GitHub via the following remotes command.

# install.packages("remotes")

Basic Flow

See the package website for reference. The basic flow for preparing for interviews with your SMEs, processing the results, and generating parameters for simulation via evaluator is:

  1. Build questions and define SME expertise

  2. Read in the question set. See read_questions() for more information.

  3. Generate materials for interviewing a SME.

  4. Read in the responses from your SMEs. See read_responses() documentation for more information.

  5. Fit the SME answers to distributions.

  6. Combine distributions into final parameters, applying weighting based on each SMEs level of calibration.

  7. Build quantitative scenarios for evaluator.


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The MIT License applies.