R package: covidprobability

Lifecycle: experimental

This package provides the functions, data and documentation that support a calculator to determine the probability of an undetected COVID-19 infection in a setting/unit after a potential exposure, testing, and when there are no symptomatic cases. For a detailed explanation of the rationale and implementation, please see the vignette.


An interactive web app of this calculator is available.


You can install the latest version of covidprobability from Github with:



This is an exploratory model and may contain errors. Please see the vignette for assumptions and limitations of the model. It should not be relied upon for clinical decisions.



test_n <- unit_probability(test_day = 9, pre0 =  0.13, sens = sens, spec = 1, 
                           asympt = 0.279, days = 14, mu = 1.63, sigma = 0.5, 
                           n = 10)