ggstance 0.3.7

ggstance 0.3.6

ggstance 0.3.5

ggstance 0.3.4

ggstance 0.3.3

ggstance 0.3.2

ggstance 0.3.1

This version updates all ggstance layers to feature parity with ggplot2 3.0.0.

In addition a few bugs have been fixed:

ggstance 0.3.0

The package was rewritten to make it more robust to ggplot2 updates. In addition, this version features:

ggstance 0.2.0

Major change

ggstance has been reorganised to make it more modular. Before, it would create horizontal layer by automatically flipping Geoms and Stats. Now it creates regular ggplot2 layer to which you provide horizontal Geoms, Stats, and vertical Positions. This allows you to reuse some of these components in regular layers. Vertical positions in particular can be useful.

Bug fixes

ggstance 0.1.0

Initial release