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A big thank you to all that have worked on this software throughout the years. While the work was varied between this group, the effort would not have been possible without the work of all.

iMRMC 2.0.0

04/2024 - Add R only functions to analyze MRMC studies, notably doIMRMC()
- Rename and deprecate previous doIMRMC(), now available as doIMRMC_java()
- Add ROC and AUC calculation support functions
- Update documentation throughout package
- Add warning for MRMC studies with small sample sizes
- Change format of variance decomposition (varDecomp) result data frames in doIMRMC() function
- Add optional per row data of ROC and variance data frames (each reader and modality comparison)
- Remove functionality to read and analyze imported input data frame for new doIMRMC().
- Submit updates to CRAN for re-release
- Future work: Make doIMRMC_java() function defunct due to outdated Java requirements.
Please use all-R doIMRMC() for all future work.

iMRMC 1.2.5

5/15/23 - Update Java system requirement - Add further documentation on functions - Submit updates to CRAN for rerelease

iMRMC 1.2.4

2/23/22 - Solve problem when working in a folder with spaces.

iMRMC 1.2.3

05/05/20 - Improve error reporting to help end users identify incorrect format of iMRMC input data/file.

iMRMC 1.2.2

03/24/20 - Update all calls to data.frame and read.table - CRAN identified new potential issues. data.frame() and read.table() will use a stringsAsFactors = FALSE default. This change is planned to become the new default for the upcoming R 4.0.0.

iMRMC 1.2.1

01/20/20 - Update iMRMC.R - CRAN identified new errors from this function. This function calls a java app for the iMRMC engine using system2. This fails if a user does not have the correct version of java. system2 errors are not always managed as errors, some happen silently. Therefore we added tryCatch error control to help the user identify why the function fails. - Update limitsOfAgreement.R - Add functions getWRBM and getBRBM. These functions get within-reader between-modality or between-reader between-modality paired data from an MRMC data file. Useful for plotting Bland-Altman-like difference plots. - Update utils.R - Add html documentation into inst/extra/man for easy reference on GitHub. - Update simMRMC.R

iMRMC 1.2.0

04/15/19 - Update the core java package to iMRMC-v4.0.3.jar. - Update simMRMC.R - Move convertDFtoScoreMatrix and convertDFtoDesignMatrix to utils.R. - Update uStats.R - In uStat11.conditionalD and uStat11.jointD, var.1obs[3] is fixed to be the variance of the difference; - Remove default specifications of modalitiesToCompare; - Add check that modalitiesToCompare contains the right number of modalities; - In uStat11.conditionalD, check that all readers must have more than 2 observations in both modalities; - In uStats.identity and uStats.diff: return the kernel matrix equal to the product of the kernel and design matrices. - Update utils.R - In undoIMRMCdf, drop levels before returning data frame; - Add function createGroups, extractPairedComparisonsBRBM, extractPairedComparisonsWRBM, getMRMCscore; - Move convertDFtoScoreMatrix and convertDFtoDesignMatrix from simMRMC.R - Add dropFlag to drop levels from the design matrix; - Add modality parameter to determine which modality creates the matrices; - Check that only one modality creates the matrices. - Add limitsOfAgreement.R, which includes the following analysis functions:
- laWRBM: within-reader, between-modality;
- laBRWM: between-reader, within-modality;
- laBRBM: between-reader, between-modality.

iMRMC 1.1.0

12/12/17 - We have created an R package called iMRMC. It was published on CRAN, Please refer to the R help pages for the documentation.

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