OJS Scraper for R

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The aim of this package is to aid you in crawling OJS archives, issues, articles, galleys, and search results, and retrieving/scraping metadata from articles. ojsr functions rely on OJS routing conventions to compose the URL for different scraping scenarios.


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ojsr functions


Let’s say we want to scrape metadata from a collection of journals to compare their top keywords. We have the journal names and URLs and can use ojsr to scrap their issues, articles and metadata.


journals <- data.frame ( cbind(
    name = c( "Revista Evaluar", "PSocial" ),
    url = c( "https://revistas.unc.edu.ar/index.php/revaluar", "https://publicaciones.sociales.uba.ar/index.php/psicologiasocial")
  ), stringsAsFactors = FALSE )

# we are using the journal URL as input to retrieve the issues
issues <- ojsr::get_issues_from_archive(input_url = journals$url) 

# we are using the issues URL we just scraped as an input to retrieve the articles
articles <- ojsr::get_articles_from_issue(input_url = issues$output_url)

# we are using the articles URL we just scraped as an input to retrieve the metadata
metadata <- ojsr::get_html_meta_from_article(input_url = articles$output_url)

# let's parse the base URLs from journals and metadata, so we can bind by journal
journals$base_url <- ojsr::parse_base_url(journals$url)
metadata$base_url <- ojsr::parse_base_url(metadata$input_url)

metadata %>% filter(meta_data_name=="citation_keywords") %>% # filtering only keywords
  left_join(journals) %>% # include journal names
  group_by(base_url, keyword = meta_data_content) %>% tally(sort=TRUE)