Loading the example data

pGRN package pre-loaded with pGRNDB data with both of expression matrix and pseudotime information. You can simply load this data by calling pGRNDB.

# loading pGRN package

# loading pre-build data
example_data <- pGRNDB
## [1] "expression" "ptime"
expression_matrix <- example_data[["expression"]]
pseudotime_list <- example_data[["ptime"]]$PseudoTime

Call pGRN

Currently, two methods “DTW” and “granger” were available for pGRN network construction.

# try DTW method
nets_dtw <- pGRN(expression_matrix,pseudotime_list, method= "DTW",quantile_cutoff=50)

# try granger method
nets_gg <- pGRN(expression_matrix,pseudotime_list, method= "granger")
## Time relapsed for granger test: 1.6192889213562 seconds!

plot the network

pGRN provides methods for visualize the network either stationary or interactively.

# plot network stationarily

plot of chunk plot network


plot of chunk plot network

# plot network interactively