Theme Configuration Builder

Mohammed Ali



To help package users in creating valid theme configuration file.

Add-in Launch

The add-in can be launched by one of two methods - Call periscope2:::themeConfigurationsAddin() function from within RStudio console - From RStudio add-ins menu

Add-in Launch
Add-in Launch

Add-in Layout

Status Colors Tab

periscope2 main theme colors are defined with the following status colors, you can use those status in infoBox, valueBox, cards

Main Colors Tab

Template main colors definition

Colors Contrast Tab

These variables allow to customize color used if contrast between a color and its background is under threshold. For example, it’s used to choose text color written in bs4ValueBox with background defined by a status

Other Variables Tab

This is an advanced method to add or customize any more AdminLTE or Bootstrap 4 variable in periscope2 generated application theme.

Download Button

Downloaded File

Name: periscope_style.yaml Format: Value are based on input configuration but output is similar to the following

Downloaded Configuration File Usage

The generated file is used by putting it inside the generated app www folder where it will be located by default