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The goal of postlogic is to allow natural flowing logic statements.


You can install the released version of postlogic from CRAN with:



The if/otherwise instruction allows for simple logic to follow a statement to make it conditional. The %if% can be used alone to make an action conditional.

verbose <- TRUE 
message("Hello there") %if% verbose
#> Hello there

When combined with the %otherwise% statement it allows for an alternate.

mood <- "calm"
message("How dare you!") %if% (mood == 'angry') %otherwise% 
    message("Everything is fine.")
#> Everything is fine.

mood <- 'angry'
message("How dare you!") %if% (mood == 'angry') %otherwise% 
    message("Everything is fine.")
#> How dare you!


The %unless% operator is essentially the negation of %if%. So when a statement is postfixed by an %unless% statement it will happen unless the proposition returns TRUE. The alternating operator for %unless% is %then%.

mood <- 'calm'
message("Everything is fine.") %unless% (mood == 'angry') %then% 
    message("How dare you!")
#> Everything is fine.

This example is the same effect as the statements in the previous example.


The postlogic package is developed by the R Documentation Task Force, an R Consortium Infrastructure Steering Committee working group.