qqtest 1.2.0


Previous releases depended upon the lmRob() function from the robust package. This package became orphaned on CRAN, archived, and removed. Consequently, the dependency needed to be addressed for `qqtest.

This was not done in time for R core policy, so qqtest was removed from CRAN.

Release 1.2.0 remedies this and adds some functionality. There are now no dependencies beyond base packages grDevices, graphics, and stats.


When lineup = TRUE the value returned by qqtest() is now just a string containing an obfuscated location of the true data. It is no longer a list with a single names component trueLoc.

New functionality

qqtest 1.1.0

Released on CRAN in April 2015, removed by R core March 2020 because of dependency on robust package orphaned and archived then.

Functionality based on

Implemented matching of slope and intercept using a high breakdown regression estimator of lmRob() from the package robust.

Also introduces R functionality for the K distribution, as an alternative to the chisq distribution. This is particularly attractive for teaching statistics; see the vignette.