Template for personal website

Chi Zhang


In this page you will find a slightly more complex personal website setup. This template is different from the Minimal template in the following ways:

These modifications are particular useful when you have more content, and wish to present them in different ways.

Page listing

Compared to the Minimal template, Projects page contains more complex structures: page listing makes it possible to organize topics in various layouts. This can be achieved by editing the yaml header in projects/index.qmd.

Under contents, provide the folder where your projects are stored; then specify type (grid, table or default).

  - id: ehr
    max-description-length: 500
    image-height: 150px
    fields: [image, title, description]
      - project_1
      - project_2
    type: grid
    grid-item-border: false
  - id: packages
    max-description-length: 80
    image-height: 250px
    fields: [title, description]
      - pkg_1
      - pkg_2
    type: table
    grid-item-border: false
    sort-ui: false
    filter-ui: false

After the yaml header, edit the markdown text and reference the listing using the id:

It is convenient to use `id` to link to multiple folders. 

::: {#ehr}