rhino 1.9.0

  1. Added sass: custom configuration option for cleaner integration with bslib.
  2. Introduced format_js() and format_sass() powered by prettier.

rhino 1.8.0

  1. All linter functions migrated to box.linters. New rhino projects will be configured to use linters from box.linters.
  2. Updated GitHub Workflow template triggers.

See How-to: Rhino 1.8 Migration Guide

rhino 1.7.0

See How-to: Rhino 1.7 Migration Guide

  1. Introduce linters for box::use statements:
  2. Major refactor of rhino::app():
  3. Add support for shiny.autoreload.

rhino 1.6.0

See How-to: Rhino 1.6 Migration Guide

  1. pkg_install supports installation from local sources, GitHub, and Bioconductor.
  2. Improve Rhino CI (use latest versions and make better use of actions).
  3. Upgrade tools based on Node.js:
  4. Introduce RHINO_NPM environment variable to allow using npm alternatives like bun and pnpm.

rhino 1.5.0

  1. Add Rstudio Addins for lint, build and test Sass, R and JavaScript. Updated new module Addin.
  2. Fixes timeout during Cypress E2E tests with GitHub Actions.
  3. format_r no longer adds spaces in box imports.
  4. build_sass minifies the CSS file also if using R sass package.

rhino 1.4.0

  1. New pkg_install() and pkg_remove() functions to simplify dependency management in Rhino.
  2. Add support for using React in Rhino (tutorial, JS function registerReactComponents(), R function react_component()).
  3. Require box v1.1.3 or later (fixes issues with lazy-loaded data and trailing commas).
  4. Add E2E tests for the Rhino package (internal).

rhino 1.3.1

  1. test_r() now clears the environment of loaded box modules before tests are run. This removes the need for box::reload() calls in tests.
  2. Added support for shinymanager.

rhino 1.3.0

  1. Rhino now works with shinytest2 out of the box.

rhino 1.2.1

  1. Fix Rhino GitHub Actions (Cypress used to fail).

rhino 1.2.0

  1. Don’t use symbolic links internally. This fixes a couple of issues with Node.js tools on Windows:
  2. Drop dependency on Yarn - only Node.js is now required.
  3. Improved Rhino CI:
  4. The lint_r() now accepts a paths argument which can be used to run it on specific files.
  5. The init() function will refuse to run in the home directory unless force = TRUE is passed.
  6. Shiny bookmarking works better with legacy_entrypoint: source (the UI function no longer needs to take an argument).
  7. Upgraded to lintr >= 3.0.0 and updated linter rules.

rhino 1.1.1

Minor release to fix CRAN check failures (upgrade roxygen2 to 7.2.1 and regenerate documentation).

rhino 1.1.0

  1. New guide: “How to manage secrets and environments” (#263).
  2. Sass-specific at-rules are now recognized by rhino::lint_sass() (#289).
  3. Shiny bookmarking now works (#294).
  4. RStudio no longer complains about “too many files” during push-button deployment (#299).
  5. Issues with server reloading during development resolved (#297).

rhino 1.0.0

First stable version.