spANOVA 0.99.4

Major Updates:

Title Length Reduction: The length of the package title has been reduced to less than 65 characters as per the recommendations of the R CRAN revisor.

Improved Author Declaration: Authors, Maintainer, and Contributors are now declared using the Authors@R field with appropriate roles specified using person() calls. This enhances clarity and conformity with R standards.

Enhanced Documentation:

Added \value to .Rd files for exported methods, explaining the structure and meaning of function results. Missing \value tags in spANOVAapp.Rd and spCrossvalid.Rd have been rectified.

Preservation of User Settings: Modifications to user options, par, or working directory have been revised. Functions now ensure the restoration of settings using immediate calls of on.exit(), preventing unintended alterations.

spANOVA 0.99.3


spANOVA 0.99.2


spANOVA 0.99.1


spANOVA 0.99.0

The first working version of the package.